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Welcome to FridgeHUB, the UK and Ireland’s specialist refrigeration wholesaler
specialising in large commercial and industrial projects. We know the art involved in achieving the perfect temperature!


Welcome to FridgeHUB

FridgeHUB is part of Beijer Ref UK & Ireland and aims to support refrigeration engineering companies with an unrivalled range of products and services specifically designed for refrigeration projects. Our specialist team understands the project process from end user trends, project management, equipment sourcing and specialist delivery to full after care support. This, combined with a desire to offer the most commercially acceptable design, ensures you have the best value proposition to offer your customer.

The fridgeHUB project team will be there every step of the way and can convert your initial design brief into a convincing detailed quotation for equipment and ancillaries for your customer.  We offer you support from an experienced fridgeHUB Project Manager working in unison with fridgeTECH support. You can rest assured that you will be in safe hands working with our logistic wholesaler partners, Dean & Wood, HRP or RW Refrigeration.

Fridge Projects

Let us provide your commercial project solution…

FridgePROJECTS consists of an experienced team of Fridge Project Managers specifically trained in project support. They understand end user market trends and the importance of temperature control to them. Sustainability and product future proofing is at the forefront of each design. Each member of our team are factory approved to sell the range of specialist refrigeration products. What they are not is ‘door knocking’ sales people!

The fridgePROJECT Managers will gather the correct information from the start of the project to ensure that your quotations are accurate and meet the needs of you and your customer. This team will be your first point of contact for any projects you may have. Working closely with our fridgeTECH team, they form the perfect partnership to ensure you get the best blend of sales and technical input needed for your project from selection through to commissioning.

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Fridge Direct

Working with you to help you secure refrigeration projects.

FridgeDIRECT is an internal team of dedicated product specialists whose expertise covers equipment with a capacity of up to 20kW.Experienced in the provision of equipment for cold rooms, freezer rooms and beer cellars, they respond to quote requests within 30 minutes and will personally process your order keeping you updated every step of the way. FridgeDIRECT offer you a direct line for your own  dedicated support.

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Fridge Tech

Your technical application specialists

FridgeTECH is a team of specialist application engineers dedicated to the design and sale of refrigeration equipment. They have the ability to take your customers project design thoughts and quickly turn them into a reality. The result will be a perfectly designed reliable system.

The application team is commercially aware meaning that the selections take into account real world commercial pressures. They are available as part of your own integral team who can visit the project site with you to provide a united and cohesive representation to your customer. FridgeTECH is also able to provide commissioning and post-installation support as required.

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Fridge Training

Providing opportunities for growth, development & success.

Traditional training requirements are changing with the need for more ‘hands on’ training to compliment the academic element. With this in mind, our parent company Beijer Ref have invested in a purpose designed training academy in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. The facility has sustainable products installed and fully working from C02 pack system and packaged condensing units to A2L products. Training courses are offered to engineers to further their knowledge in new technologies from installation, commissioning and maintenance. In addition, the academy is an ideal place for you to showcase systems to your end customer. Wetherby is our first refrigeration academy with more planned across the UK and Ireland.

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Fridge Pro

The essential fridge partnership

fridgePRO is a partnership program acknowledging the advance engineering skills within the refrigeration industry. It has been developed in alliance with our training academies with completed courses rewarding accredited companies and engineers. This could include extended product warranties and marketing support. 

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Let Us Provide Your Commercial Project Solution…

Duty Calculation

Equipment Selection

Installation Materials

Commissioning Support

End User Support


We Believe Teamwork Creates Environments For Success.

The refrigeration trade has historically been a pretty poor relation to the air-conditioning market where training programmes, partnership schemes, dedicated support services and factory visits are the norm. In comparison, the refrigeration industry gets offered, well, not a lot!

Here at fridgeHUB, we recognise that this does not recognise the advanced engineering ability that goes with this sector of our trade. With this in mind, we have introduced a partnership scheme specifically for refrigeration engineering companies, allowing you a fantastic package of benefits that have been designed to enhance your businesses competitive edge in the market.

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FridgeHUB recognises our customers need to be trained to the highest possible standard in the products they install. We realise that, compared to the Air-conditioning industry, refrigeration is the poor relation. As such FridgeHUB offer a huge range of training courses for all your refrigeration needs.

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If we’ve designed the whole system, your engineers have been trained to install and maintain the products according to the manufacturers instruction and keep maintenance records, we offer our partners an extended 2-year warranty for all parts supplied by us, giving you and your customers that added security.



We have our own in house marketing team who are able to offer a range of services available to our customers and partners to help them efficiently market and promote themselves in order for them to be successful in tenders, brand awareness and recognised as trusted industry leaders under the FridgePRO branding.

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Fridge Project

Our Fridge Project Managers have been trained specifically to support refrigeration engineering companies for project work. Our Project Managers have been on site, they have seen projects being installed so that they can appreciate why delivery times are important so they are uniquely placed to provide the best possible support.

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