Traditional training requirements are changing with the need for more ‘hands on’ training to compliment the academic element. With this in mind, our parent company Beijer Ref have invested in a purpose designed training academy in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. The facility has sustainable products installed and fully working from C02 pack system and packaged condensing units to A2L products. Training courses are offered for engineers to further their knowledge in new technologies from installation, commissioning and maintenance.  In addition the academy is an ideal place for you to showcase systems to your end customer. Wetherby is our first refrigeration academy with more planned across the UK and Ireland.

We offer all fridgeHUB customers the basics of refrigeration product training for their staff. This is ideal for office based staff (non-engineering) giving them a basic understanding of typical terms used in the trade, the basics of how a system works and a handy reference book for use after training has taken place. This is offered free to all fridgeHUB customers.

Training can be provided digitally using the very latest video techniques, in your premises, or at one of our training rooms located across the UK. For more information or to book one of our training course, please contact us today.

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Our training courses…

We know first hand how beneficial our training course are and how rare is it to have a training facility that is dedicated to refrigeration equipment. With this in mind, we have undertaken a program to open 6 professional training centres across the UK.

These centres showcase the range of products we offer combined with fully functioning systems for hands on training. For our fridgePRO accounts we offer an enhanced range of training packages, such as:

  • Factory approved product training
    This covers the actual product features, advantages and benefits plus installation techniques, commissioning, maintenance and trouble shooting.
  • CO2 & A2L training 
    Courses that recognise the changing landscape of refrigerants.
  • Chameleon Personal Insights
    Our Insights Discovery training helps people understand themselves and their colleagues so that they can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries. 

Our personal in-house trainers will take you through the course and provide support should you have any need after any of our courses are completed. Our training course are provided at either a subsidised rate or free of charge dependant upon which FridgeHUB tier you qualify for.


The team at fridgeHUB firmly believe that all products in our portfolio are of a high quality and will provide a sound investment if installed and maintained correctly. To support this claim, and to standby the quality of our products, we offer our fridgePRO partners exclusive extended warranties covering packaged condensing units and commercial/heavy commercial equipment.

For accounts that purchase 5 or more Optyma units in a year we offer the FridgePRO Optyma package which provides a 5 year ’no quibble’ warranty on all Danfoss Optyma condensing units purchased. In addition we offer FridgePRO and FridgePRO+ accounts that have completed the factory approved product training courses 2 year warranty covering purchases of plant/packs, condensers and evaporators. This recognises the trades engineering ability when installing systems typically over 20Kw in duty.