Condensing units


Condensing units


This traditional design of condensing units uses EC fans and micro channel condensers to ensure that tradition comes with efficiency.

Covering 35 different models with capacity ranging from 1.8kW to over 46kW these units can be ordered with a metal housing and a range of optional extras.

The components of the air-cooled condensing units, which include efficient ECOLINE compressors, EC fans and system-optimised condensing heat exchangers (mini-channel), are optimally coordinated and boast a compact and robust design, facilitating a whole host of applications with a large capacity range. They conform with the Eco-design Directive and can also be used with low-GWP refrigerants, making them future-proof. They’re available as a modular system in several extension phases and with individual and tandem compressors.


  • Highly efficient ECOLINE compressors
  • Speed-controlled EC fans for energy-saving & low noise
  • System-optimised mini-channel condensing heat exchanger for high heat transfer rates and small refrigerant charge

Bitzer’s new range of innovative condensing units meet and exceed the needs of todays market. Using their reliable semi-hermetic ECOLINE compressors, these packaged condensing units are unique for this sector. They offer a range of features that deliver tangible results and the features list is extensive. Please ask for more information on this remarkable range.

This new range of packaged condensing units provides unparalleled performance with a high specification at a refreshingly competitive price. The range offers the end-user the possibility of installing a system today using HFC refrigerants with the option of changing to A2L refrigerants at a later date. Thus future proofing their investment.

Covering a capacity range of between 5 & 14.6kW the state of the art low noise Bitzer Ecolite comes fully specified including Bitzers ‘Best’ software, capacity control, semihermetic compressor, and is built to be durable and efficient.

The Ecolite’s larger brother, the Ecostar, is available with capacity running from 9.7kW to 21.6kW. Fitted with capacity control and variable speed fans, these units have an airflow configuration that allows the units to be installed with their back tight to a wall, thus increasing the number of locations these units can be squeezed into. If your installation needs a large condensing unit, but you have very limited space, this could be the ideal solution.

For low noise applications, an addition noise attenuation pack is available which reduces the noise levels by a further 6dBa increasing its application window.