Capital plant

SCM Frigo

Capital plant

SCM Frigo

SCM Frigo has been manufacturing pack base systems in Italy for over 40 years and is the leading supplier of refrigeration packs in the UK. Supplying the retail market with CO2 based packs since 2009 it’s experience shows in the quality of the plant manufactured.

Packs ranging in size from 50-750kW are suitable for both HFC & CO2 refrigerants, and are made available in a number of configurable designs, allowing the plant to be installed in a plant room, outside in it’s own housing (“walk-in”) or as an integrated system including a condenser (“Plug’n Play”). The range of packs and chillers available covers the following variants…

CO2 Transcritical Packs

These modular packs use either 2, 3 or 4 compressors in an MT only or combined MT/LT format. The MT packs provide a capacity range of between 16.6kW – 59kW whereas the MT/LT Packs offer an MT duty of 12kW – 49kW whilst the LT system on the same pack offers a range of duties between 3.3kW – 8.5kW.

The Lean range of packs is specifically designed to fit into tight spaces and can be mounted flat against a wall. Using up to 5 compressors in various combinations, all components are accessible from the front and the “plug’n cool” variant comes in its own plant room for mounting outside. These ‘lean machines’ cover an MT range of 15-100kW and the MT/LT packs provide a duty range of 3-20kW on the LT.

The next size up these packs cover a range of 75-350kW on the MT and 15-75kW on the LT side, and was originally designed to offer a reasonable specification level at a competitive
price for supermarket based applications. Walk-In & Plug’n Cool variants are available.

Ideal for food processing applications this industrial range covers a massive range of 200-750kW. Using 6 cylinder compressors from Bitzer options such as hot gas defrost, heat recovery and ejectors mean this range can be optioned to match most application.

CO2 Transcritical Chillers

Suitable for Glycols and non corrosive brines. Chiller covers a duty range of 73-425kW

Using CACl2, ammonia and other industrial brines these chillers cover a large duty range of 229-451kW.

The range of ‘bolt on’ direct expansion chiller modules can be ran from a pack system covering a duty range of 25-250kW. Using a direct expansion system these modules provide increased flexibility on site.

PNC (Plug’n’Cool) version, is an outdoor compressor pack including housing and integrated condenser with axial fans and available for most pack options. Constructed using a closed frame design they are made using thick galvanized sheet steel and protected with a coat of oven-baked polyester-based thermosetting paint. Colour RAL9006