Heat exchangers

Modine ECO

Heat exchangers

Modine ECO

We have put together an industry leading selection of heat exchangers to cover all applications available from one supplier. Covering small cold room evaporators, a range of commercial coolers, industrial heat exchangers and custom-made specials, we can meet your project’s needs. The breadth of products offered from these manufacturers is vast so please ask your Area Sales Manager for more information on any specific projects you may need.

Modine ECO Evaporators

Whatever your requirement: whether you’re using the latest or last-generation refrigerant fluids, keeping a cabinet at the right temperature, chilling a small cold room for butchery, keeping a medium-sized room cold for a supermarket, or even creating large blast freezing tunnels, Modine can help. High efficiency coils, magnesium aluminium casing and low consumption fan motors come as standard in all coolers.

These cost effective evaporators are manufactured using their CoiltechTM heat exchangers and are the evaporator of choice for our fridgeSPLITS ECO range. The EVS, GME and, GCE ranges are held as stock items, other items from the ECO range are available to order.

EVS Range
The EVS range has been specifically designed for application in reach-in cabinets, display cases and small cold rooms.

In accordance to the room temperature this range is subdivided into two types:
  • EVS for higher temperatures (≥ –12 °c), with 3,5/7 mm dual fin spacing and electric defrost;
  • EVS/B for lower temperatures (≥ –25 °c), with 4,5/9 mm dual fin spacing and electric defrost.

The entire range is equipped with high efficiency coils made from special

GME Range
The GME series is used in low cold rooms for the storage of fresh and frozen products. The very powerful heat exchangers with which the entire series is equipped are made of aluminium fins with a special profile and internally finned copper pipes suitable for the application of new refrigerants.

Depending on the required temperature, they are divided into two versions:
  • GME H4 for high temperatures (≥ +2 ° C) with fin spacing 4 mm;
  • GME L7 for low temperatures (≥ –25 ° C) with fin spacing 7 mm and electrical defrost ED.
The standard motor fans used have the following properties:
  • Diameter 250 mm, alternating current 230V / 1 / 50-60 Hz with shielded poles and protective grille made of polyamide – glass fibre
  • Degree of protection IP 44;
  • Insulation class B;
  • Internal temperature monitor;
  • Operating temperature: maximum +40°C.

GCE Range
The GCE range of unit coolers is suitable for installation in cold rooms for the preservation of fresh or frozen products. The compact size of the units allows to make maximum use of the storage space of the cold room in which it is installed.

The entire range is equipped with high efficiency coils made from aluminium fins and inner grooved tube; and with a new geometry that allows a substantial reduction of the inner volume resulting in decreased refrigerant use. The updated coil design responds to the recent guidelines governing the reduction of HFC gases with high greenhouse effect.

For medium temperatures (≥ -15°C)