Packaged systems


Packaged systems


Fridgesplits offers a range of competitive refrigeration systems, designed to take the guess work out of cold room and freezer room selections. Available in 3 versions there is a solution to meet every application. Suitable for Chill Rooms from 5m3 through to 200m3 (duty range of 1kW to 11.5kW) & Freezer Rooms from 5m3 to 160m3 (duty range of 1kW to 8.8kW) selecting the equipment needed for a wide range of applications has never been easier, or quicker. Available from stock for next day delivery each system offers a perfectly matched condensing unit & evaporator combination, with optional controller kit engineered to match.


  • Competitive refrigeration system offering a 3 year warranty as standard
  • Quotations within 30 minutes
  • Available from stock
  • Available with installation & controller kits for each system
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Stackable (Plus Range)
  • Large LT range – ECO up to 80m3, Plus up to 160m3


The fridgeSPLIT ECO range of sytems combines the market leading Danfoss Optyma Slim condensing unit with a perfectly matched ECO evaporator to create a high quality, cost effective, cold room package.


Exclusively available from RW Refrigeration. Our fridgeSPLIT RW range of cold room systems pairs the cost effective Danfoss Slim packaged unit with Kelvions tried and tested TEC, KEC and KME evaporators to provide a proven combination to give reliable service & performance.

FridgeSPLITS Plus

This range matches the highly specified Danfoss Plus packaged units with LU-VE high performance evaporators. PLUS systems offers a larger LT capacity range catering for rooms up to 160m3. The Plus units offer lower noise levels, stackability, electronic controller and an aesthetically pleasing cabinet.

3-Year Extended Warranty

All Fridgesplit systems come with a standard warranty period of 3 years!

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